Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This is not about Fragile X, but I have to say something that really bugs me. I was at the park tonight with one of my kids and dogs and found an expensive cell phone. After figuring out how to find a contact I called and got the Mom and I could tell she was pissed about something. I told her we were at the park in the neighborhood and she said she was on her way down. About 5 minutes later she arrived with her son and I gave the phone to the young boy and the Mom said thanks, they drove off and I went back to walking my dogs. Unfortunately when we returned to the car, it was splattered with eggs. So the moral of the story is Most People Suck!

Which leads me to my next post about Cody..........Guilt?

I haven’t really written much for a while, and I’m sorry! I really have so much to write, but it’s very difficult, when so very few people are reading my blog. I started to think about people out there that take care of someone with Fragile X Syndrome. I seriously doubt they have time to search for my blog, since it’s almost impossible to find. And for those that do accidently come across my writings, I do sound a bit angry at the world, cynical, and narcissistic, with a dash of hatefulness in every other sentence, and I’m going to say, you are probably right. I get tired of being nice to everyone, and my blog is where I’m going to speak my mind.
For starters, I’m shitty with my generation, "the baby boomers." Although we have the best excuse for being assholes, (our parents), why do we have to repeat? Our children, whether they are mentally handicapped or incredible geniuses, they are this earth's very last hope to be a better place. Yet all around me, I see half ass parents putting their children last, and ignoring serious issues their kids obviously need help with, and sitting by watching our world fall apart rather than speaking out for change. Our legal system is outdated and more corrupt than anyone can ever imagine , but those that have tried to challenge the law hit road blocks in every direction. We elect our government officials for all the wrong reasons. Who cares if there are gays in the military,or if they smoked pot when they were in college! What are they going to do about Peace on earth damn it! Our environment is so polluted with chemicals that it may very well be what is causing us to be so ignorant. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate living in the U.S. as far as freedom goes. But come on it’s just like never leaving High School, still continuing to let the dumbass jocks and cheerleaders and rich brats run our country and leaving those with far better abilities to change our nation and world to sit in the stands. It makes me sick. And if we speak out or “rock the boat,” we are looked down upon or held in contempt, or thought to be crazy.
You might ask what does this have to do with Fragile X Syndrome? We’ll I’ll tell you, and I don’t really care if you agree or not, bottom line…..I’m right! The God I believe in wants our world to last, yet he see’s us destroying everything good he created. Seems sad to God we continue to destroy our earth and allow evil to flourish, even control our lives. We are all guilty of this, except for our children. And those that are mentally challenged should be considered heroes in my book. They volunteered to be born this one last time to show the world how precious life is and to not take it for granted. If you had a child like Cody, you would want the world to be safe, and at peace, free of evil people around every corner (I would hope this would be the case for all children, but No). So, I truly believe as time goes on more and more babies will be born with mental difficulties, and from the love we have for them, we as people will demand a better world to live in. It’s the only way I can make sense of what is happening and why there are so many children like Cody!! But my question is, will anyone listen and take action before it’s too late?

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  1. Gisele, I still read your blog so at least I can
    be considered "one of the few". In some respects
    you're correct in believing our govt is messed up and some people are more interested in themselves rather than their children. I know of cases where mothers and fathers would rather not "bother" with special needs children, so they either abandon them or ignore them. Unfortunately, some parents do the same with perfectly normal children as well. May not be only "baby boomers" however. It seems to me some people make a choice. I'm not going to get started on govt/politics, this is not the right forum. I really just wanted you to know you are not writing and no one is reading. Craig