Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cody picks me!

Ok, so I had the miscarriage and found out the fetus had some chromosome disorder.  Sure, now in 2011, this would be a red flag, but what did the average person know back in 1990 about all the mental disorders floating around?  I knew about downs syndrome, which I thought was exclusive to  babies with old moms.  Oh yeah, "Rainman," came out in 1989 introducing autism, but only glamorized it.  And who really knows what causes autism?  So, I was only 28 years old, had no family history of mental disorders that I knew of, on both sides, so I was good to go on getting pregnant again.
I think it was about 3 months after I miscarried, I became pregnant again.  This time I went to a different doctor, because the last one was bad luck.  Let me tell you, being pregnant is just wonderful.  At forty weeks my water broke, went to the hospital and 24 hours later I delivered a healthy baby boy 8 pounds 15 ounces, 22 inches long. Except for having him circumcised, he never left my side.  We named him Cody Alan Thompson.  There was a football player at the time named Cody Carlson, and thought his name was cool and uncommon. Little did we know.
Cody was such a beautiful baby, with eyes so big and light blue, just like his dad's  There was nothing about him indicating any mental health issues.  Again what would I have noticed anyway? I knew nothing about newborns or birthing babies....
Not skipping the subject, but occasionally I'm going to take you to a "Sidebar"  and that's my way of saying I'm kinda getting on another subject, and I'm aware of it, but I will get back on track when I'm done saying what I have to say. Here's a "sidebar":  Doctors would probably frown on me for saying this, but there is a way to rule out Fragile X even Downs Syndrome as soon as you hold your newborn.  I may mention how to check, later on, but I'm not sure right now if I'm ready to explain. **  If you're desperate and are so stressed out worrying about your babies  blood test results, email me and I'll be glad to tell you.
Ok, back to January 19,1991 the day Cody arrived. Like I said, Cody was healthy and I had no reason to think otherwise when I took him home the next day.  Breast feeding was somewhat challenging at first, but I'm sure that was normal too.  As days went by Cody seemed to cry a lot.  It was like an angry pissed off, I hate you cry. I had no idea what was going on? I thought he wasn't getting enough milk, since he was a big baby, but this cry was during and after  breastfeeding, and all night long. And he would only breastfeed on my left  breast.  So I had to pump the right one while feeding him with the left  To top it off he started having bouts of projectile throw ups.  I think I'd be happy going through life not knowing what breastmilk tasted like, but Cody made sure I had my fill.  He bombed every inch of our house and me.  My hair was usually coated with dried milk, my dogs had their share even 5 feet away; it was a bad scene.  My first response was to go to the pediatrician, which was a waste, because she thought he was allergic to milk.  So we had to put Cody through all kinds of tests, which didn't indicate any allergic results.  Just crying and more crying. Oh yeah and where was Cody's dad??

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