Thursday, July 21, 2011

If I ignore things, maybe it will get better?

I really felt confused as far as Cody was concerned.  At times he seemed to be just a very normal baby.  He was alert, seemed healthy and so loving.  He mastered the art of crawling between the 6 or 7th month, started sleeping through the night and didn't cry as he did when he was younger.  His dad wasn't around much, so I wasn't as stressed out, which had a positive impact on Cody.
  I'm not exactly sure when Cody had his first ear infection, I'm thinking around 8 months.  This was the beginning of many more to come.  Thinking back, I wonder if he had his first ear infection many months before, and the doctor just missed it  That would have explained the crying, for sure.  I remember how very difficult it was getting any of his medicine down using an eye dropper.  His very first antibiotic was Amoxicillin, yellowish coconut/banana, and fairly tasty, because he threw it up in my face.  I thought many times (secretly), what in the hell is wrong with my child, then quickly ignored the thought, because it would hurt way too much.                      
* Sidebar*  Over time I have realized this to be a normal response, unless there are apparent signs.  If you happen to be around a child that seems different, and the parents seem oblivious to the obvious, best thing to do is keep your mouth shut.  Even if they ask you, "do you think something is wrong with my baby," explain you're not a doctor and if they're concerned they need to visit their pediatrician.  Then get out of the conversation.  It's like a wife asking her husband if he thinks she looks fat in her bikini bathing suit.  The husband isn't about to say "yes honey you look extremely fat," unless he's an idiot.
When a parent ask someone "do you think there is something not right about my child?" What they are really saying is "please say my child seems normal, and make me feel better."  I asked that a lot to my friends, and Thank you by the way to all that lied, because I wasn't ready for the truth.
In my next blog, I will tell you about two people that called me out about Cody, which began everything!

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